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Did you just get into Barcelona and you need a locksmith now? Have you lost the keys to your house and you need the lock broken ASAP? Are you unable to open the door to your home and you need a locksmith to fix in? Don’t worry; we got you! 24-hour services, a variety of services and economical prices! You just found yourself the best locksmiths!

We know all the security issues around Barcelona. We offer English speaking locksmiths who will guide you any security necessities you need to have or what locks you have to change in your house. We make your safety our responsibility for as long as you’re in the City. Read on to find out how we will help you.

We Offer 24/7 Hour Available Locksmiths

Emergencies are unavoidable in a foreign land. You could lock yourself out or even lose the keys to your apartment when touring the city. During such times you need immediate help with your situation, we have a team of locksmiths who are available all day anytime and who are always ready for any door unlocking emergencies.

If you locked yourself out, our team would be standing by to open the lock, doors or windows. Whatever your emergency is, we have locksmiths in many places of Barcelona, readily available for 24/7 hours a day and who can arrive in less than twenty minutes.

24 hour available locksmiths barcelona

¿Do you have an EMERGENCY? We are available 24/7

Professional Locksmith’s Services We Offer

We remove and replace Europeans-style locks and replace them with anti-break cylinders. European-style locks have inferior quality, to be safe, it is wise to have it replaced otherwise you might walk into an empty apartment one evening.

We also offer upgrades, reliable repairs and installation services using mortise locks, commercial roller shutters, gates, grilles and collapsible gates. We install alarms best suited for your apartment. We also install fitting rods systems that make it hard for thieves to use anything between the door and the frame.

We offer trustable services and solutions by advising you the best way forward to ensure your security while you are staying in Barcelona. Our locksmiths are equipped with high gear equipment to make sure that they can unlock any door irrespective of the design.

Barcelona Locksmiths Services

¿What about the prices of your Locksmith services?

Barcelona is known to have scammers all over the city. Tourists have identified some locksmiths as scammers. We pride our services on maintaining the highest level of security for you as well as making sure we are reasonable and economical with our prices.

We don’t charge you unreasonable prices simply because you are a tourist; we keep our costs economic for all residents as well as visitors. We also establish a trustable bond with our clients. We advise people to always ask for cost estimation of replacement parts and jobs before committing to a locksmith.

You can reach us any time of the day, ask questions and cost estimates and we will give you a cost-free budget.

Piece of Advice from Cerrajeria BCN 24h:

To ensure safety and security while you are visiting, avoid talking to strangers who can’t speak English. The minute you get a place to stay, call us, and we will change the old locks. If you happen to settle in before changing the locks, do not leave your valuables in the house.

Whenever you are at home, make sure you double-lock the house. Do not let anyone in especially if you do not know them. Securely lock the exit and entrance to the parking or ground.

If you have friends or relatives in the city, ask them to watch over the house in case you haven’t reached out to a locksmith company. You could call the post office and postpone mail delivery. Once you settle in, give us a call, and we will cater for all your security needs. We will ensure that your stay in Barcelona will be without constant worrying.

How to avoid theft in Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city. The buildings’ architectural designs are part of the main reason tourists love visiting Barcelona. However, Barcelona is a Spanish speaking city, and that means that very few people speak English.

The rogue elements in the city tend to have leverage over you once they sense you are a visitor. Once they realize that you can’t speak Spanish, they will take advantage of that and cheat you out of good deals or manipulate how you spend your money. Barcelona is known for many pickpockets and snatchers from the subway, to the beaches and rail stations. Please, protect your things.

There are also so many girls who pose as flower girls who force tourists to buy flowers. Some of them have proven to be dangerous. If you are driving around the city, you need to get a locksmith to secure your car. If you decide to get a residential apartment, you also need a locksmith who will secure your house. You can never be too safe in Barcelona if you’re tourists.

To cater for all your security needs, you need a company that offers English speaking locksmiths. Getting English speaking locksmiths helps you avoid getting scammed with unreasonable prices. It will also allow you to define the services you need.

We know all the security issues around Barcelona. We offer English speaking locksmiths who will guide you any security necessities you need to have or what locks you have to change in your house. We make your safety our responsibility for as long as you’re in the City.

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